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literary works


Canela con Miel y Clavos (Cinnamon with Honey and Nails), 2022
                                          A Collection of Words--Sum True

             Dr. Robert J. Woodbine, Kindle Direct Publishing

            Sun Chasers, 2018

            Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming & Dr. Robert J. Woodbine, Kindle Direct Publishing

          Dao De Jing-A Qigong Interpretation, 2017

              Dr. Yang-Jwing-Ming, YMAA Publication Center; (Editor Foreword)

Below are copyrighted excerpts from:

Canela con Miel y Clavos (Cinnamon with Honey and Nails) 
A Collection of Words--Some True

dribbles & drabbles


She anxiously asked, "Have you seen Jesus?" In this sleepy Texas border town, Ms. Ann was known for fervent prayers. Sundays her family pew seldom was empty. She implored Jesus to return. Alone at ninety-three on her family's former plantation... 

curried okra

Ronald's parents knew he was special, but not in the way to brag aloud. During her pregnancy, Ronald's mother, Maxine, dreamed of him. He told her his name and that he had chosen her and his father, Antoine.

Maxine Johnson had never thought of or eaten okra. But throughout the first trimester, she craved it. The summer before birthing Ronald, Maxine savored all manner of okra. Her favorite-hot curried okra.

Every time she indulged, she dreamed vividly. Barefoot with ankles shackled...


my Creator

my Creator is

not a jealous One

nor is my Creator


jealousy and 


are the words 

men use to serve their own


my Creator has no 

gender nor agenda

my Creator does not 

play the lottery or

bet on sports on my behalf

even when I pray


down on my knees

and cry out loud

my Creator

does not win or lose wars

nor does my

Creator favor

any one over another

all who come forth

from my Creator are


it is men who create

divisions and hierarchies

to favor themselves

my Creator is nameless


does not speak

does not write

does not dictate

nor condemn and

in the end

when you are no more...


blues minor

I thought I knew what the hell I was doing. She trusted me. The hardest damn thing was to pull out just at the moment that I wanted, more than anything else in the universe, to dive deep, deep, deep inside of her. To be clenched by her uncontrolled spasms and fervent thrusts of her hips into mine. To feel the sweet pain of her nails cutting into the soft flesh on my back.

excruciating separation of pulling out instead felt like a sharp white-hot poker had been thrust with abandon up my anus and all the way up into the base of my skull. My skull exploded...

short stories/cuentos cortos

The Harvest

      He could hear two women talking in Spanglish. "Mira, Milagros, the situation con tu marido es muy muy dangerous para ti y tus nińos. You should really déjalo, muchacha! Get you un abogado and do it sooner rather than later!" At the end of the car, the door opened and immediately the already thick air of synthetic colognes, perfumes, and perspiration was now inoculated with the stomach-churning stench of human homelessness.

      Bobby could not see who it was. What he heard was the raspy dry voice of a woman apologizing for disturbing everyone and begging for help and for her children. She said, "Excuse me for disturbing you. I am a veteran. I am homeless..."

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